Ms. Nikki-Inspired Conversations

Conversation 1: The Old Car
Setting: this afternoon after picking Belle up from school.

Me: Did Halle tell you that she got a new car?
Belle: Yes. (then after thinking about that for a second) Where's Ms. Nikki's old car?
Me: They probably gave it to the store.
Belle: What are they going to do with it?
Me: Probably sell it to a new person.
Belle: The new person wants to buy the yellow car?
Me: Yep.
Belle: They want to drive it?
Me: They sure do.

I can't believe that I'm already having conversations like this with my little Annabelle! She's growing up so fast!

Conversation 2: Ms. Nikki's Alligator

Pre-story: The Disney Channel has a new show called "Can you teach my alligator manners?" which has a really catchy tune. A couple of weeks ago, Annabelle did something nice or something and Nikki said to her "You could teach my alligator manners." (alluding to the show, of course). I got it and thought it was funny, but I'm not sure that Annabelle knew what she was talking about.
Setting: Arriving home from the gym tonight, we're all starving and looking for what we should have for dinner. I suggested something Annabelle wasn't interested in.

Belle: No thank you, Mommy.
Me: I'm so happy that you have such good manners!
Belle: Like Ms. Nikki's alligator?
Me: (taking a second to realize what she's talking about) Yes Baby, that's right!

I don't know if Nikki has mentioned the alligator to Annabelle again since that conversation a couple of weeks ago (Nikki?), but apparently it stuck with Belle and she thinks that Ms. Nikki really has an alligator that needs or has good manners. :) I thought that was so cute!


Angelle said...

I remember that exactly with Leah, when I realized that I was holding ACTUAL conversations with my child. How fun!

Nikki said...

Haha! I think the bit might have come on while she was here and I sang that one line. Too funny that she thinks its actually Ms.Nikki's alligator because I say "my alligator." That's awesome! :) Great memory, Annabelle!!

Kelly Albert said...

SOOO cute. I love that alligator song too- and it it catchy! Annabelle is just like her mommy- sooo smart. Before long she will come up with ideas for Corgan's bday cakes... inside family joke.

ljkolumbus said...

Yes, like Mother.. like daughter.. so grown up already!