A Successful Day 1

If every day of the next 55 days goes as well as today did, I should be a major contender for Biggest Loser!

I hit the gym just minutes after it opened this morning (it doesn't open till 10am on Sundays). After getting my Body Composition Analysis done, I jumped on the treadmill and ran/walked for a good 25 minutes. The first and last 5 minutes were warm up and cool down, but for the 15 minutes in between, I did some pretty good running. After that, I spent the next hour or more walking around finding all of the weight machines, adjusting the settings, figuring out what weight I should be working out at, and actually using the weight machine. I had to pull from my memories of using weight machines 5 years ago, but I think I figured most of them out. The gym has an orientation session, but you have to sign up for it and next Wednesday morning was the first opening that I could do, so I'm on my own until then. After the weight machines and using some of the free weights and doing some crunches, I went back to the cardio machines and found that most of them were already taken so I tried a new machine that was free. The machine is a cross between and step machine and an elliptical. I was about 5 minutes into using it before I realized that it wasn't just an awkward step machine. I did about 20 more minutes of cardio, then had to head home.

A funny thing about my gym is that the average age of the people in the gym was probably about 60 (maybe even 65). It made me feel super young and very in shape, although there were some old folks who were really impressing me. There was even a lady walking on the treadmill while she was hooked up to her oxygen tank! While I was doing weights, I overheard a conversation between two old men about trying viagra and that one of the guys wasn't sure about trying it because he was afraid he'd die of a heart attack from it and the other guy said "Yeah... but what a way to go!" I couldn't help but smile. Anyway, the old folk thing was everywhere from the old people, to the 50s and 60s "workout music" (I HAVE to get a good up-to-date workout mix on my iPod which I didn't bring today), to the Fox News being requested on the TV. It was pretty funny. The good thing is that I usually don't have to do many adjustments to the weights on the weight machines. :) I really don't mind the old peeps 'cause it makes it feel less like a meat-market than the last gym that I went to was.

I realized today that the gym is about 3 miles from my house, and except for a little patch of Palm Bay Road, the roads aren't too busy along the ride. So, I think I may have to see if I can figure out a schedule where I can ride my bike to the gym sometimes and get a little extra workout in.

The diet went really well today too. I got out my old Weight Watchers books and slide calculator and kept track of my points today. I managed to stay at the bottom part of my accepted points range, plus I got a bonus point for my long workout today. I was especially proud of myself this afternoon when we were at the mall and to appease the kids, I bought a bag of 12 Mrs. Fields mini-cookies and I did NOT eat one of them! They smelled SO good too! It's definitely not easy going from eating like I'm still pregnant or breastfeeding (which means not eating horribly, but not eating small portions by any means) to eating the smaller portions that WW requires. I do love that no foods are off limits though! I'm looking forward to a few weeks from now when my stomach has gotten used to not eating big portions and greasy or fatty food doesn't even sound good.

One last thing before I go... my "before" picture. I did the sad face because it seems like everyone always looks sad "before"... whether they got new hair, new teeth, or a new body. :) Anyway, I said in an earlier post that I feel comfortable with my body the way that it is now, but I guess I hadn't really looked at myself without a shirt on. :) I'm definitely looking forward to my "after" picture. Hopefully it isn't too far away.

Ohhh... one more last thing. I hate Nintendo. Seriously, how can they not produce enough Wii Fits that I am able to buy one without paying double the retail price for it?! Since before I even got a Wii, I have been trying to find a freakin' Wii Fit! I call Target, Best Buy, and Circuit City on a regular basis in hopes that they'll have one in stock. I check Game Stop anytime I'm near one. I always check at WalMart. And still... No freakin' Wii Fit! I was hoping that today being the first day of my loser quest, maybe I would get lucky. When I got up this morning, I checked the "Weekly Ads" for Target, Best Buy, and Circuit City and, as luck would have it, Best Buy had it listed which means that they would have it in stock when they opened. Their doors open at 10am, so I headed over there at 9:30am. I expected to be the first customer in the parking lot, but as I drove up I noticed a bunch of people with lawn chairs sitting out front. Everyone there was waiting for Wii-related items, including the Wii Fit. The Best Buy people come out and go along the line handing out a piece of paper for each product that they have, and half and hour before opening, the freakin' Wii Fits were already sold out. The first lady in line said she was there at 6:00 that morning! Oh my freakin' geez! Stupid Nintendo!


Nikki said...

Great job on Day 1! I think I'm looking forward to everyone else's after photos ALMOST as much as my own! Glad we're all doing this together!!

Kelly Albert said...

I still owe my before pic- I forgot about it till I saw yours. I'll go do it too- I was gonna have my shirt on- but if you can do it- I can do it and I'll make the sad face too- I CRACKED up at your comment on the BEFORE pic- how people always look like total ass and are soooo unhappy- haha! The "viagra" conversation was priceless too. I guess I'll do it too and post mine. I am starting back at the gym today- my kickbutt cardio classes :) So body fat % doesn't matter in this competition, right? Good luck sister!

Keri Donald said...

Body fat % matters in the way that the less of it you have, the higher your metabolism is so you'll lose weight faster. :)