Hello Fay

Like everyone else in the area, Fay has been dumping loads of rain on us.  Fortunately, the foundation of our house is built up very high so it's not threatening our house at all, but it's making it harder and harder to get in and out via car as our driveway is covered by water more and more.

This afternoon Olivia, Annabelle, and I braved the sideways rain to go out and check out how deep the water on the driveway really was.  On the driveway itself, it's only ankle deep so far, but on the grass between the driveway and pond, it's almost knee deep! Annabelle insisted that we bring her umbrella to "protect us from the rain", but we still got pretty darn soaked! :)  It did help a lot when the rain really started blowing and the rain was pelting us.  I was at least able to turn it on its side to protect Annabelle.
Here are a few more pictures...

Our pond is almost full!

Despite our 10" of rain already today, our mail was still delivered (today and yesterday)!

Being from California where it never rains, Olivia loves the rain (although now she might be getting a little tired of it). Notice the color of the water behind her... it's a creepy brown color even though we don't have red clay anywhere near us. :S

The poor cows next door have been hiding from the rain for the last day.

I love my waterproof camera!


Erica Lynn said...

when I went out for chinese food earlier today I saw the brown water in a few places .. I too realized that we don't have red clay around here .. so I decided to stop thinking about what was turning the water brown .. blech.

KristieDonald said...

The umbrella is too funny!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it is still raining! Is this the most rain ever in Melbourne?

Nicole4FLDU said...

plz wear boots in all standing water, especially since most of melbourne's sewage is backing up... your and your neighbor's leach field and septic tank water is coming up thru the groundwater along with the disintegrated cow poop from both the neighboring lots... ewh.. boots plz!!!! wash feet very well! nicole

Chelsi said...

Cute pics.... amazing you got your mail yesterday, too. We saw our mailman trying to get down our street and he just gave up ;)

Kelly Albert said...

HAHA- love Nicole's comment. Wash those feet Donald family ;) hehe! I told mom that all that rain reminded me of when we used to go out in the streets in Miami and play in the water. Good times. Glad that your house and family are ok. Love you!

Nicole4FLDU said...

BTW - since you are on well water and the ground is flooded - you NEED to boil all water for drinking and cooking... NvL

Mirdonamy said...

1. I love the umbrella pic!
2. Yes, that water is gross
3. Postmen are insane!
4. Stay safe!