Change of Plans

So... it seems that I've actually been overdoing it with the exercise. Last week I worked out 5 of 7 days, and burned nearly 5000 calories. That's an average of 1000 calories/day on the days that I worked out! On the one day that I did 1200 calories (then got the Wii Fit and did about 150-200 more calories), I actually decided to add up the number of calories that I consumed for that day in addition to keeping count of my points. I consumed 1146 calories... about 200-300 less than I burned. I guess I've been putting my body into starvation mode, because I've actually been gaining weight. I would've thought that with workouts like that I would be dropping pounds no matter what I ate. I know, I know... muscle weighs more than fat. As I watched my weight creep back up two more pounds since I announced that I was back at my pre-Corgan weight, I fully intended on doing the tanita to measure my body fat percentage again, but the guy who always works on Sunday at my gym is a complete butt and I didn't want to ask him again. Then, of course, they're closed for the holiday tomorrow, so I have to wait until Tuesday. So, as I got on the scale this morning for my weekly weigh-in for the contest, I was totally deflated to see that I've only gone down 1 pound since last week's weight in. Yes, I know, "1 pound isn't bad", but for the amount of work I've done and the amount of food I have NOT eaten... it sucks! Especially since I wasn't very happy with my weigh-in last week because just like this week, last week my weight was down 2 more pounds on the days before the weigh-in, but then it went up. No, I haven't done anything different on the weekends. I'm a SAHM... my weekdays and weekends are pretty much the same. I eat the same and exercise the same. The only thing that I can figure is that I've been starving myself.

I have been doing Weight Watchers, but I've never been to a meeting or been through the program. I have 2 sets of books, and they are both outdated. The one that I rely on the most is one from 10 years ago where they count exercise as "You must do 20 minutes/day, then each 20 minutes after that earns you 1 point (capped at 2 points)." It doesn't matter if you walk for that 20 minutes or run your butt off... it all counts the same. This has never really made sense to me with the intense workouts that I do, but that's how I counted it because it worked for me when I did it 5 years ago. I recently talked with Jill (who's also doing WW and has been in the actual program recently so she's up-to-date on it), then did some research. It turns out that for a day like last Friday, I should've had 8 points of credit, not 2. Thinking back, I now remember a similar situation on the Biggest Loser when Jillian kept getting on to one of her contestants because he wasn't eating enough and wasn't losing weight. I guess I need to either stop working out as much or eat more. Kinda sucks (A LOT) to find out that I've been wasting my time this past week or two. My house has been a wreck and projects that I need to do are going undone, because every chance that I get goes toward trying to lose weight. Between getting dressed and gathering my things (and kids) to go to the gym, spending around 2 hours working out, showering, and being too exhausted to do much... I seem to have wasted at least 3 hours each day that I've worked out this week. It SUCKS!

After my weigh-in this morning, I was very depressed. I moped around for a while, then decided that just needed to take a nap (something that I haven't done for weeks now). I needed to just relax instead of using any down time that I have to clean or blog or whatever else I've been neglecting. So I napped for 2 hours. I wasn't even really tired, but I napped. When I got up from my nap, I put myself back together and decided that I needed to go at least squeeze a little exercise in (since my gym was only going to be open for another 30 minutes after I got there). So I did. I felt better when I got back, and I even spent an hour on Wii Fit after the kids went down for a nap. I'm still counting my points, still exercising, but trying to be smarter about it. I still don't know exactly how I'm supposed to balance the "activity points" earned and the extra points that I have to use because it seems like it's different for everyone (some people use them all, some use some, and some not at all), but I guess I'll just have to try it out and see if I can find my own balance. Just really sucks that I had to learn that my week of intense exercise was worthless. Hopefully the body fat percentage will tell me differently, but I'm not holding my breath.


Angelle said...

I personally always used my activity points. I told myself, my body needs more energy if I use it more. It is worse to deprive myself of energy when I am trying to lose weight. That was my logic. Plus I found that i was actually a little hungrier when I exercised (go figure), so that must be my body telling me what I need.

I hope you work it out. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you have watched the Biggest Loser a lot or not, but they always drop a lot of weight their first week or two and then they have weeks where they don't lose much at all. And they do A LOT (I think 6-8 hours a day)of exercising and have only healthy food avaiable so they can't cheat. I don't really know why that happens? Maybe you body is in shock at first and then gets used to it? Maybe you weren't eating enough? I don't know but don't let it get you guys are all doing great! Eating healthy and exercising is never a bad thing :) Hang in there!


Arielle said...

Be careful! You may also want to sign up at and read some articles.

Hugs and good luck!

Kelly Albert said...

I have to agree with some of the comments. The first week or two is usually water weight that is lost, then your weight loss slows down drastically for a few weeks, then it starts back again, so don't you DARE get frustrated. If anything- if you feel better- than what a scale reads doesn't matter. I really believe that the hard work you have put yourself threw will pay off- You can already tell through your before and after pic that you have lost inches. LOTS. The WW diet is the way to go and continue to exercise.
When I first started working out - Pre Kelson- Hot body days- I lost like 12 lbs the first few weeks then slowly lost 1 or 2 lbs and the trainer told me that is the correct way to lose and keep it off. Losing it faster will cause it to come back quicker and easier. So don't you dare get down--- you lifted me back up, so now its my turn to lift you! Don't get discouraged.
Also, I wouldn't be surprised if your body fat % isn't down a whole point. People who bust their ass and work out lose more body fat %- that's why we calculated that into our all girls biggest loser contest

ljkolumbus said...

I wrote a nice long 'go girl' comment but did something wrong and it didn't get published.. anyway, I am proud of all your hard work. Have you thought of WW on line. I heard it is good even though you don't have to go to meetings but they can still help you with what to eat with certain activities.. types of meals, when.. etc. etc. In any case.. I can tell you have lost inches and your clothes are looking 'loose' so don't give up.

Nikki said...

Don't lose sight of what the prize really is for this contest... a HOT BODY. :) Money and competition are just motivating factors. Everything you did this week is working to get your body back into shape. I'm glad to hear that you plan to eat a little more though. Keep yourself healthy. And congratulations on a 5000 calorie burned week! Even without the weight loss, that's quite a successful achievement!