End of July Barn Update

I was just looking back at my barn updates and realized that I've been so busy actually getting the barn done (yes, I'm still picking things out and changing electrical plans, etc.) that I haven't updated my blog about it. I'll start with an update on the garage, and work on getting pictures for the house to post about that soon.

The Garage

The garage has been "done" for about 3 weeks now! It was a chaotic day when we had to move everything from the workshop into the garage, but it was also much easier than I expected. Because of all of the delays, the contractors had their guys help me move everything and even building shelves, moving heavy furniture, and putting things up in the garage attic. The timing worked out pretty well too (especially for Keith, who just happened to be out of the country during the week that we had to move!). We got the "go-ahead" to move stuff into the barn around noon on a Thursday (I think), so one of the guys built my shelves for me while I finished touching up the paint and brought over the stuff that was going to go on the shelves. Then that night I was able to figure out exactly where to put my shelves (even though I had pretty much already planned that part all out) and to put most "garage" items on it in an organized manner. Then the next morning, they guys showed up bright and early to start moving everything else over. We got the entire workshop, including some of the stuff in the workshop attic, moved into the garage and garage attic by noon. I did some hauling, but my main task was making sure that the right things were going in the right places and cleaning up and organizing the garage attic. Thank God that Grammy was still here because I was able to do all of this without having to worry about the kids!

More pictures of the garage are on the The "Detached Garage" page of the renovation website. Unfortunately, I neglected to take pictures of the inside before we loaded it full of stuff (it's now serving as our storage room until we have a house completed to put all of the furniture and stuff in). The walls a painted a light caramel color and will have accents of teal blue and lime green.

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Jill Fosness said...

Wait, your garage is done, but you're still parking in the driveway?! Just teasing you- I'm jealous of all that storage space! ;) Looking forward to seeing more pictures, wish I could see it all for real!