Corgan Monster

Corgan seriously eats like a monster!

For breakfast this morning, he had one 3.5 oz container of squash, one 3.9 oz container of applesauce, one 6 oz container of oatmeal with raspberries, a few bites of Annabelle's oatmeal, a handful of Cheerios, and a sippy cup of milk! This was all within about 1.5 hours of waking up!

I really think that if we never stopped feeding him, he'd never stop eating!


Anonymous said...

He's a growing boy momma! At least he is not picky :)


ljkolumbus said...

He is his Papa's boy!! He's busy and not fat so I guess he must have also gotten Papa's matabolism.

Kelly Albert said...

Sounds like his cousin Kelson :) She will eat and eat until we stop giving her food. She ate the HECK outta dadda's spaghetti lastnight and would still be eating it if we let her :) Course he is a great cook and it was good spaghetti ;) Can't blame her.