Belle & Daddy's First Date

Keith has been wanting to take Annabelle to the movies for a while now. That sounded like a recipe for disaster to me, but I was all for him giving it a try. Yesterday, he decided that since it was too hot to really do much outside, he would try taking Annabelle to see WALL-E. (See their pre-date picture above)

Our internet was being poopie yesterday (so slow that most pages would time-out before they finished loading) so he didn't check the movie times and just decided to go and hope that the movie would be starting soon (if not, there's always Ben & Jerry's next door to the theater). He happened to have timed it just right because the next showing was starting about 10 minutes after they arrived. I suggested bringing fruit snacks with them, but Keith wanted Annabelle to have the movie theater experience so they didn't bring anything and instead they bought cotton candy and a "fuzzy" drink. While they were at the movies I took Corgan out to go furniture shopping (lucky Corgan; huh?) so I missed a call from Keith & Belle before the movie started. Annabelle left me a message though saying that they were in the theater, she was eating something blueberry (it was the cotton candy), and drinking a fuzzy drink.

Keith said that Annabelle did really well and watched the first three-quarters of the movie before she fell asleep (just like her Momma). He kept watching (he had only cried twice by that point and wanted to see if the movie could make him cry any more), then noticed that Annabelle had peed in her seat while she was sleeping. So... just like any good dad would do, he scooped up his daughter and bolted out of the theater, leaving the mess to be found by the next lucky movie-goer who selected that seat. He left so fast that he didn't even bring home the leftover cotton candy for me.

Annabelle slept all the way home and continued her nap for the next hour or two. When she woke up, I asked her about the movie and she told me about the "wobot movie", the "cotton candy", the "fuzzy drinks", and "be vewwwy quiet". She seemed to have had a great time with her Daddy. I'm sure this is only the first of many movie dates that they'll be taking together. :)

(Final note: I'm sure Keith could have told this story much better than I did, especially since all of my information is second-hand, but he couldn't find the time to blog about it and thought that just twittering was enough. Poo on him!)


Angelle said...

I am impressed that she watched so much of the movie. Leah still gets ants in her pants about half-way through.

Kelly Albert said...

That is so funny that you said Keith being the good dad and then mentioned leaving it for the next person to find... haha. i NEVER even would think to look in my seat before sitting down for a movie- this story will change that next time I go to a kids movie :) At least they had a father/daughter outing. Can't blame him for that! We want to go see Wall-E and I'll be sure to check my seat :)

Keith Donald said...

Hey I didn't cry!!! :-)