Wii Rock!

Keith's Father's Day present was a Wii gaming system, and the rest of his present was released today, the Wii version of Rock Band. From the time that we opened it, the whole family has been enjoying our new game.

Both kids are really enjoying taking a turn at the drums. Annabelle's starting to get the hang of what you're actually supposed to do with the drums from the game's perspective. Heck, even I have a hard time with the "easy" level on the drums, so she's doing pretty darn good. It's teaching her music too, so it's a win-win. :) And, of course, Keith has been busy rockin' out on the guitar.

Before Rock Band arrived, Keith and I were playing lots of Wii Play, which is a set of games that basically teach you how to use the wiimote and other controls while having fun. Keith kicks my butt on the shooting games, but I'm doing pretty good with the games where you identify the Miis. Speaking of Mii... we had lots of fun setting up our Mii family. We have Kiith, Kerii, Bellii, and Cii Man. Then we created some extended family members because it is more fun to see people you know in your games than random strangers. :) It's funny how some people's Mii can look just like him/her (like Keith's dad and my brother-in-law Jason) and others you just can't get it right. We haven't gotten our Wii hooked up to the internet yet, but as soon as we do, we'll have to get our friends Miis transfered to our Wii. (Haha... I just realized that if you're over 40 or live under a rock, that last paragraph probably sounded like a bunch of gibberish!)

I'm thinking that our family band should be called "Wii Rock Without Pants". What do you think?

Pics of the Donalds rockin' the Wii, including this adorable picture of Corgan layin' it down on the drums, here.


Angelle said...

I love "Wii Rock Without Pants," highly appropriate and also amusing. :) Sounds like fun. Wii can't wait to get Wii Fit.

Kelly Albert said...

HAHA- love the band name. I want us to get a Wii for us soon. When we do- well have a battle of the family bands ;) I'm sure well have to play this game when we all come down! I can't wait!!!! Love you sis!

Nikki said...

Thanks for making Keith put shorts on. :)