Custom Mother's Day Card?

When I opened my mailbox yesterday, this card was in it: When I first saw it I thought it HAD TO be custom made! It had Keith, Annabelle, and Corgan on it! But nope, not custom... just another perfect card from Pam Hale. Pam is Ben's mom, but more importantly (to me anyway), she married Keith and I. Every since then she has been so awesome about remembering all of our important life's events, and is always sure to send us a card for our anniversary. :) She even gave us a cool wedding night basket for our wedding. The basket included a pomegranate that we were supposed to eat on our wedding night to give us fertility... and apparently it worked. So on top of being thankful to her for marrying us, we owe her for our kids too. :)

Thank you Pam for this special Mother's Day card, and for always thinking of us! Happy Mother's Day to you too!

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Angelle said...

I love that card, It does look perfect for your family. :) Happy Mother's Day!