Corgan Clapping and More-ing

This afternoon Corgan did something cute and I started clapping for him when all of the sudden I realized that he was clapping too! So I tried it again, and he did it again too. It's SOOO cute... AND I managed to get it on video. video
After the clapping I kept the camera rolling and managed to capture Corgan signing "more"! :) He's doing it all of the time now and even did it a couple of times today without any prompting AND for something he wanted "more" of that wasn't even food.  He also signs "puppy" (well, "dog", but I call it puppy when I do it), but that's pretty rare.
And here's another "Corgan Clapping" video, but my favorite part of this one is Annabelle's line at the end. :)


Angelle said...

You are inspiring me yet again! I have to take some videos of Erin. She is signing More too!

This videos are precious!

Chelsi said...

YAY! Go Corgan! That's too weird because Ethan just signed more yesterday afternoon for the first time and I was thinking of blogging about it but didn't get around to it yet :)

What did Annabelle say at the end of the video? I couldn't make it out...

Keri Donald said...

At the end of the video, Annabelle says "Nope, I'm playing."

Erica Lynn said...

He looks so big!! I know I said that last week when I saw him .. but he's seriously growing like a weed!

Kelly Albert said...

I can't wait to play with him! Kelson is doing all kinds of fun things too- its gonna be fun to get the kids together and show off our tricks ;) hehe!

BTW- I asked Lucy about the sit sit french saying and she said it was slang for here here in Canadian french so now we are saying both sit sit and ici ici ;)