The Ambiguous Boo-boo

When I'm talking to my family and I say "boo-boo" it can mean many different things such as:
  • Annabelle (pet name; ex. "Come here Boo-boo!")
  • Corgan (again, pet name; ex. "What's wrong Boo-boo?")
  • boobies (this is what Annabelle called them at first, so I still call it that sometimes when talking to her about boobies; ex. "Yes, Mommy is drying her boo-boos.")
  • vagina (when referring to Annabelle's va-jay-jay, usually as a part of changing diapers; ex. "Let's get your boo-boo all clean.")
  • penis (when referring to Corgan's little pee pee, again... usually diaper changing related- and no, I don't call it that when I'm talking about Keith; ex. "Are you playing with your boo-boo again?" [again, not talking about Keith])
  • milk (breastfeeding milk, when talking to whoever happens to be breastfeeding at the time; ex. "Who wants boo-boos?")
  • an injury (can be a bruise, broken skin, or just a ploy for attention; ex. "Did you fall down and get a boo-boo?")
So, if you're at my house and hear "boo-boo",  be sure to assess the context and maybe you'll figure out what I'm talking about. :)


Anonymous said...

I was rolling after reading this one. Too funny that you had to clarify that you WEREN'T talking about Keith...said part is that we would have assumed he had the same nickname. :-)

Keith Donald said...

I just called the whole Orlando magic team a bunch of boo-boos. They're sucking right now against the Pistons.

Kelly Albert said...

Funny- I call Kelson boo boo at times. Maybe I got it from hearing you say it over the years with Belle?