You Know What Big Feet Mean?

Big Shoes!
At a week short of 8 months old, Corgan seems to have really big feet.  Since turning 6 months, he's been barely fitting into 6 month clothes and wearing 9-12 month clothes more comfortably (especially footed pjs).  His feet are following suit.  He is already up to size 3 shoes (and has been for a few weeks), and in places where they size by months, he wears 12-18 month sized shoes!


memento said...

Haha... sounds familiar! Alexander will soon outgrow his 22,5 (according to conversion charts that is 6,5 in this US), even though he is small for his age... We think that's why he has such good balance ;-)

Angelle said...

I actually have been meaning to blog about this! Erin is now wearing most of Leah's 12 month clothes. I have not put shoes on her in quite a while, so I have no idea what size shoe she wears, but she is not the tiny little girl like her sister was.