Wild Things

The other day, Annabelle and I went exploring in our yard that is quickly turning into a jungle.  We were searching for ladybugs, and we found quite a few, but they all flew away before we could get a picture of Annabelle holding one.  The picture above of Annabelle with a ladybug in her hair is the closest thing we got.  I missed the VERY best one where the ladybug flew from Belle's hand and landed on her nose!  She was frozen with shock, but didn't freak out and scream or anything.  I WISH I had gotten that on my camera!  See more pictures of our wild things yard.
Also, I mentioned a while ago that Annabelle is really into doing adult chores, so I've been taking advantage of it.  I have posted an album with pictures of Annabelle doing chores such as making breakfast, doing dishes, doing laundry, reading to her brother, and feeding the pets.  Please don't forward this to any child labor people!


Scott and Dalana Zech said...

I wish I would have started chores with my kids when they were young. I think it builds confidence and makes them feel they have an important role in the family. Great jod Annabelle.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the expression on Belle's face :) Love ya! -Carla.