Potty Training Update

At home, we haven't had a pee-pee accident since Friday! Annabelle is pretty good about telling us when she needs to go or going when we have her sit on the potty (if it's been too long). At home we have a boon potty, and she's spent lots of time sitting on it over the past few months. But at school, they have a miniature sized regular porcelain potty which Belle is totally intimidated by. Yesterday, she had 3 pee pee accidents at school, a couple of them were regular pee-in-the-pants accidents and the other one was a peeing-while-jumping-off-of-the-potty accident. They said that she never wanted to stay on the potty for more than a second. Before leaving yesterday, I tried to have her go, but she just wouldn't do it. Today was a little better... no accidents, but also no peeing! She went all 3.5 hours at school without peeing (that's 4.5 hours if you add the hour at home before school)! At least we know that she has control, but still... not the news I was hoping for. Again, I tried to get her to go for me before going home (with promises of popsicles at home if she went in the "big potty"), and she did go a very little bit, but not 4 hours worth. The teachers said that they took her a bunch, but she always just sat there then jumped up after a few seconds. She watched another little girl go before she went for me (to see that it wasn't scary), and that seemed to help a little. At least there were no accidents today, and maybe tomorrow she'll go in the potty for her teachers. :)

Pooping on the other hand (eeewww... that sounds gross), is another story. We haven't had any luck with poops in the potty since the little poops on the first days. She's either gone in her diapers during her naps or at night, or in her panties. It's been lots of fun, but I'm sure that too will eventually work out. We'll just keep trying.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Annabelle!


Nikki said...

That's fantastic! She's making great progress! :)

Angelle said...

You never know what will freak kids out. You would think that going on a little potty just like Mommy's would be enticing.

That poop aside was awesome. I do not want poop on my other hand. :)