It's Always Something...

For the last 2 nights, Keith and I have been sleeping downstairs in the guest room.  As far as the kids go, it has worked out great because they've both slept through the night both nights.  As far as we go... not as good.
Night 1 I tried to lock the cats out in the workshop (like we usually do because they run around the house and sound like horses in the middle of the night).  Well... apparently one of them discovered that if you bang on the cat door enough it might bounce open enough to stick a paw in there and sneak back into the house (I set the cat door to be one way in case I am unable to get all of the cats out there).  So, we were awoken in the middle of the night to this mysterious banging.  Then Macy kept assuming that it was okay for her to sleep on this bed since it isn't our bed and she kept jumping up.  Then sometime in the wee hours of the morning, the baby monitor starting making a horrible static-ish squealing noise.  And it did this many times!  I couldn't turn off the monitor because the kids are way too far away from us to hear them, so I kept getting up and moving it around in the room to see if that would help.  Then Corgan woke up around 6:30 am, but when he woke up it was still dark out and I had no idea what time it was so I had to get up and turn on the lights just to see what time it was.
Night 2 We got to sleep pretty well.  Had some of the same issues with the cats, but we were able to tune it out (plus we had the vent fan in the nearby bathroom on and that helped with the white noise).  But... at some crazy hour I woke up to Keith slapping his arm and yelling bad things.  He jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom swearing that something had bitten him.  He turned on the light and we looked over the sheets and comforter and there were red ants in the bed!  So we got up, killed the ants that we could find, got a new comforter and went back to bed only to be woken up some hours later by the noise-making baby monitor again!
I remember reading in one of my home magazines that a good hostess always tries out her guests quarters to make sure that it has everything that her guest might need.  I had always intended to do this, but instead I will ask my guests what else they might like to have in the room or what else I can do to make the room better to sleep in.  I've always tried to implement any suggestions (within reason) and thought that the guest room was pretty comfy.  The bed itself is surprisingly very comfortable to me (it's a futon, but the best mattress that was available), but all of these distractions drive me crazy.  My mom has slept down there many times and even used the baby monitor and never mentioned having these problems.  We had issues with red ants in there once before, but it was when Keith was using the room as his office and he realized it when the ants were biting his feet.  I got in there this morning and sprayed for ants so hopefully they'll be gone tonight, but dang!  Seriously!  I'm also looking into a better room monitor option and might even go for a wireless house intercom system since we'll probably need one once the addition is done anyway.
Maybe someday I'll get to sleep again!


Angelle said...

Those are some crazy stories! But the kids are sleeping, so that means eventually you will too.

See you tomorrow!

Nikki said...

Dang, girl. I hope you get routine sleep again soon!

Kelly Albert said...

So I guess I need to bring another BEDROOM when Kelson and I come next month, huh ;) hehe!