Tumbled Stone

I just took the 2nd rock out of my dryer. Annabelle is so into picking up rocks and stones lately and keeping them in her pocket (or just putting them in her pants or diaper if she doesn't have a pocket), so I'm starting to find them in the laundry.

I guess I have to add "check pockets for rocks" to my growing prewash checklist which already consisted of sorting laundry by color and type, and checking for poop stains, food stains, and pit stains. Such is the life of a toddler's Mommy... :)


Bieke said...

That sounds only too familiar :-) I think you can expect starting to find little pieces of wood, rubbish and other things that catch her attention too... and you will be finding them for quite some time (Helena still does this from time to time)

Christina said...

Zach does this with toilet paper and tissue which makes a GIGANTIC mess in the washer!!