Potty Training Rollercoaster

What a day! We didn't have much luck in the morning (as I mentioned earlier), and after Annabelle's nap she was back in her panties. After a while Annabelle pooped in her panties. Then she did it again. So after about 2 hours in panties in the afternoon, once she got cleaned up I asked her if she wanted to put on her panties or a diaper. She answered "diaper". So, around 6pm tonight I resolved that Annabelle wasn't ready for potty training and she was put into a diaper again. Then about an hour later, Annabelle announced that she needed to go "poopie in the potty". I took her diaper off and went to the bathroom to sit her on the potty, then I told her that I was going to finish feeding Corgan and I'd be right back. Not 30 seconds later she came running out of the bathroom yelling "I go pee pee in potty!" So I ran back to check and she had actually peed in the potty! We again did the "Hot dog, hot dog. Pee pee in the potty!" dance and Annabelle got to open another prize. She was so excited and wanted to put on panties again.

Soon after that, Nikki and Halle arrived to occupy Annabelle and help with Corgan for a little while. The girls played for about an hour little bit, then took a bath. That whole time (probably another 2 hours?), Annabelle never peed again. I swear this girl must have a huge bladder! After the bath, I put Belle back in a diaper since it was bedtime, and now we get to do it all again tomorrow.

I knew potty training wouldn't be easy, but I never imagined it would be such an emotional roller coaster for me. Of course I'm always wondering if I'm trying to push Annabelle rather than her really being ready for this, and every time that I start to think that maybe I am pushing her, she does something to show me that she's ready. I guess it could still be the case that she isn't ready, but we'll just see what tomorrow brings.

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