Cute Movies

Annabelle likes to watch the videos of her and Corgan, and these are two that she keeps asking for. There isn't anything big going on in either video, but they're both pretty cute.

The first video is Corgan dancing like a mad-man. This isn't quite the Axl Rose dance that he's been doing lately, but it's cute anyway.

The second video is of Annabelle cracking herself up saying either "Hi" or "Halle". I still can't tell which one she's saying, but she does this often and I don't think she even knows which one she's saying because she gives me different answers any time that I ask. And as a bonus, you get to hear my beautiful sick-Keri voice in this video.



Nikki said...

Those are both super cute videos! You have very adorable kids!

Sounds more like "Hi" to me because it doesn't sound quite like the way I'm used to hearing her say Halle, but who knows. :)

Kelly Albert said...

Precious! You do sound sick- bless my sis. Hope your doing better! Love you! Can't wait to get all three kids together. BTW- when will that be?