Bunny Belle's School Easter Egg Hunt

Belle's first Easter Egg hunt of the season was at school. Keith, Corgan, and I all went to school that day to see her hunt the eggs. I was surprised that there was only one other parent there (the teacher had told me that parents were welcome to come). Belle had fun searching around for the eggs, and Daddy even helped her a little. :) It's okay though because the teacher put all of the eggs together and distributed them evenly after everyone had collected the eggs.

Once egg time was over, Keith went back to work, but Corgan and I stayed around a little while to watch Belle during playground time. The teacher told me all about how she normally acts during school (she said that she plays by herself quite a bit, which really surprised me), but the funniest thing involved this little kangaroo playgym. At one point during playtime, Ms. Debby and I were talking and Ms. Debby looked over and pointed out that Annabelle was sitting in the middle of the kangaroo playgym. She said "That's where she goes every day to poop." Apparently, just about every day she goes to this one spot to do her business during playground time! I thought that was hilarious. She doesn't have a special spot at home, so that made it even funnier. Silly girl!

Pictures of Annabelle's school Easter egg hunt and playground time are here.

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