Belle Loves Chocolata!

One of Annabelle's favorite presents from her birthday is definitely her "Chocolata" puppy! She named her puppy all by herself. When she first got him I asked her the puppy's name, and I suggested "Chocolate" and she said "NO! Chocolata!" (Spanish for chocolate, another credit to Dora).

Chocolata came with a whole set of puppy items like a dog bowl and food, a blanket/bed, and a brush. She loves to take care of him with all of these things, and likes to make him do tricks too. "Roll over" his her favorite command. My favorite thing is when she can't find him though and says "Where Chocolata go?" with her worried little voice and face. She then scrambles all over trying to find her little puppy, then when she does find him she picks him up and hugs him and says "Oooooo... Chocolata" like she's comforting him. It's SO cute!

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Scott and Dalana Zech said...

That's so cute. I have always wanted to name something chocolata.