Annabelle's "Stickies"

For some reason, Annabelle has started calling that little flap of skin between the base of your thumb and the rest of your hand her "sticky". I suppose it has something to do with how after she eats something sticky, I get a wet cloth and say "We need to clean up your stickies." Sometimes I say "sticky hands" or "messy hands" or something else like that, but I've noticed that for the past week or two, Belle has been referring to that area as her "sticky"... and she doesn't like for me to wash her sticky. The rest of her hand can be cleaned, but not her sticky. This morning I took her to the sink to wash her hands and she even kept her thumb pressed against the rest of her hand so that her sticky wouldn't get washed.

What these kids come up with...! :)


Angelle said...

That's pretty funny. So can we expect her "stickies" to be sticky when we come visit?

Christina said...

That was too funny! I completely agree that the Choo Choo Soul people are hooking up. Zach loves that song too. We have the CD in the car and we have to listen to it all of the time.