What I'm Listening To Lately

My friend Erica likes to mix and share music, and since her taste in music doesn't suck, I like that! So I figure I'd quickly list what I've been listening to this month and liking.
  1. Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors, The Editors
  2. These Bones, Nada Surf
  3. In a Big Country, Big Country (I admit I love this song and it was playing at Annabelle's birthday visit to PumpItUp while we were jumping around)
  4. Crushcrushcrush, Paramore
  5. Myriad Harbor, New Pornographers
  6. Dizzy, Jimmy Eat World (23 is my favorite song by them though - great for airplane takeoffs and landings)
  7. Bohemian Like You, Dandy Warhols
  8. Ruby, Kasier Chiefs
  9. Light Up The Sky, Yellowcard
  10. Zeitgeist, Smashing Pumpkins
  11. Take me to the Riot, Stars
Who knows, maybe I'll make this a monthly thing. I feel a blogging kick coming on...

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Erica Lynn said...

Ok Keith.. this is pretty crazy .. but in November I made Liz a mix, and included Bohemian Like You on it .. and that song is what, from 2000?? Actually, do you listen to Ethel on XM? That might be why it was both in our heads.