Stop the Cats

Green tip: If you receive catalogs that you don't look at and/or will never order from, you can stop receiving them by either calling a phone number on the back of the catalog or going to their website and just emailing their customer service with a request to stop sending the catalog. In the past I've always just thrown those catalog away, but now that I'm more conscious of the junk mail that I toss, whenever I sort through the mail I just keep a stack of catalogs to contact about not sending them anymore, then every once in a while I just sit down at the computer and cut/paste my email to the various catalog customer service email addresses (remember to tell them every name that might possibly be on their list including maiden names). I've been doing this for a few weeks now, so I'm sure it'll be a couple of months before I see the results (since many of the cats pre-print a few weeks in advance).

I ran across this free website that makes opting out of catalogs much easier, Once a few months has gone by and I see what catalog I'm still getting, I'll have to give this a try with the remaining unwanted mags.

And remember, just because you aren't getting the catalog doesn't mean you can't subscribe for emails on the store websites. It's much greener and much less hassle.

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