School Daze

Hard to believe Annabelle's 2nd week of school has already come and gone. She's still loving it, and we've even already made her school day a little longer by adding a half-hour onto it. The first day that she went she was upset that she was the only one leaving without eating lunch first, so the 2nd day the teacher let me bring a little food for her eat with her class. Then the third day a whole lunch. And by this week, she was staying an extra 15 minutes, so we just decided to make it official and pay for the extra half-hour for her to eat lunch with her class (it's only $2.50 per day). She loves eating with them.

I think the extra half-hour has made it a perfect day for Annabelle. Last Wednesday and this Monday and Tuesday mornings, she cried when I dropped her off, but by the time that I reached the hallway, I couldn't hear her cry anymore so it was just a show for Mommy. Today she didn't cry at all, and when I came to pick her up she was done with lunch and ready to go home with a big smile on her face and a "goodbye Ms. Debbie". She seems to really be having fun, and still looks forward to going to school. The teacher said that there are a couple of kids who she seems to be playing with the most already. She really seems to love her teacher too (as you can tell from the picture). I'm SO glad that we picked such a great place for Annabelle!

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