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I've always thought that there must not have been much to choose from in the toy department when we were kids, but I think that more and more all the time. First of all, I remember thinking that many of my friends having the same toys that we had. Secondly, when we went home to Tuscaloosa after Annabelle was born, Keith's mom pulled out some of his old toys for Annabelle to play with and he actually had quite a few of the same things that I had. Then when we went to Madison, my brother-in-law's mom had some of his toys for Belle to play with too and there were more of the same things that I had. When we came back home, I even pulled out some of the toys that my mom had saved and given to me and Keith thought that I had brought them home from his parents' house. Now, I was looking at this website's selection of vintage reproduction toys, and I recognize many of these toys as things that I had (of course, I'm sure they were MUCH cheaper than the prices on this website). Am I the only one who had at least half of the things on there? And, one more thing... where's the Light-Brite set and that big plastic apple that plays music when you rock it back and forth?

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Kelly Albert said...

OMG- I want so many of those toys. Esp the monkey with the banana- he was one of my favs. Cute store.