Bellee & Halle's 2nd Birthday Party

I've finally gone through all of the pictures and am ready to post about the party...

Annabelle & Halle's 2nd Birthday Party was a big success!  It seemed like kids and adults had lots of fun (even the adults without kids).  They had a great time on the playground, the pizza was yummy, and the puppy dog theme was adorable.  Even the desserts that I made turned out good.  Both girls did really good with opening their presents and even said "Thank You" a lot. We discovered that the skating rink next to our pavilion was free and they even had free rental skates (those brown ones with the orange laces).

I could go on and on about how much fun was had at the birthday party, but pictures speak louder than words (especially pictures with captions, and yes, I know that captions are "words", but go with me...) so I'll just point you to the party pictures. Notice there are a few albums to thumb through. The photos are courtesy of me, Grammy, Chelsi, Liz, and Erica (mostly Liz and Erica though). Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a great b-day party! Sorry we missed it :( Brody and Shelby would have loved the skating! Cute pics!