Silly Bellee

Some funny things that Belle has done lately...

1. She keeps getting stuck under/inside of things. At my parents' house she crawled inside their coffee table that is the kind that has the top that lifts up to be a tv tray. It doesn't have much room at all, but somehow she squeezed herself in there, but couldn't get out. All of the sudden we heard her crying, but couldn't find her. It was pretty funny. And tonight, she got stuck under our dining room sideboard.

2. Both times that I've gone in to get Annabelle out of bed today, she's been sitting up with her blanket over her head. She usually sits in there calling for me for about 5 minutes before I go in to get her (if I go in too early, she's a bear and no fun to be around), so who knows how long she keeps that blanket on her head.

3. She says "sorry". I guess this isn't really so much funny as it is cute. When she hurts one of us or something, she says "Sorry Mommy" or "Sorry Daddy". Keith taught her that one because she smacks him in the face, and she's learned that saying "Sorry Daddy" makes it all alright. :S

4. When she can tell that she's getting on my nerves or she has upset me in some way and she wants to get back on my good side, she'll say "Hi Mommy" in this really sweet voice with a big smile on her face. Sometimes this is accompanied by a "Sorry Mommy" if I am upset because she did something that was sorry-worthy.


Christina said...

Ithink Belle and Zach are like secret twins :-)

Zach is the same way if you go into his room to early and he does the exact same thing when he can tell I'm annoyed with him.

Angelle said...

I love the little sorry they give. Especially when they do it in that sad voice. :)