Over the past week or so, Annabelle has started to become very jealous of Corgan. Anytime she sees me feeding him, she wants me to hold her. And now she wants to do the things that he does (even asked to "eat boobies", but that didn't happen). We fed him baby food for the first time last night (bananas... he did SOOO good. Ate nearly the whole thing.) and she wanted to eat babyfood too. Now she's also wanting to wear diapers because baby does. She's not showing much interest in potty training anymore because of that too. The other day I tried to start potty training hardcore, but she wasn't interested so after about half of a day of it, I decided now isn't the right time.


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not a Master Potty Trainer but...I can tell you I learned my lessons with Brody and Shelby! Don't make a big deal about it or push too much and they will adapt much quicker :) Also, I think it's like 2 1/2- 3 before most kids are fully potty trained, right? I know it would great for you to only have one set of diapers to change :) Hang in there!


Angelle said...

All of a sudden, Leah is wearing underwear and it's all good. It has been through no effort of mine, it just happened.