The Elmo Craze

Does anyone know the psychology behind Elmo? Why is he the favorite of all of the Sesame Street characters now? I assume he's the favorite anyway because he seems to be the one featured on things like diapers, he seems to be the one with the most toys out, he has his own videos and books, and all kids seem to love his song (Elmo's Song). Is it because he sounds like a little kid? Is it because he's red? Is it because he lives in a house that looks like a page from a coloring book? I KNOW it can't be because he's friends with Mr. Nuno (What the heck is up with that guy? What a weirdo!)!

Any insight into how Elmo has captivated our children?


Erica Lynn said...

Mr. Nuno scares me! I think kids are drawn to him because he has a higher voice and acts like a young kid .. and he's funny :)

Nikki said...

He's the easiest character for the littlest ones to pronounce. Wonder if that has anything to do with it.

I'm sure it has mostly to do with a Sesame Street marketing ploy several years ago trying to get renewed interest in their show and their products.

Mike said...

i agree with Nik. cuz growing up for me, it was ernie, bert, big bird and oscar the grouch. There was no elmo. Oh wait, there was the Count. One! ah ah ah ah. TWO! ah ah ah. Three! ah ah ah. Oh, and the monster(s) that pushed words together. C........AT