Either Or

It amazes me the sentences that Annabelle is saying now. Of course, they're still toddler-length sentences, but they're usually at least 3-4 words and have a subject and verb, sometimes with adjectives and adverbs too. And even more than the sentences, it amazes me the words that she not just uses, but uses correctly. Here's a conversation from today...

Mommy: Do you want to wear your Mickey jammies?
Belle: Yeah. (note: She's no longer saying her adorable "Yessss", she's now saying "Yeah". I'm trying to change that though.)
Mommy: Who else is on your Mickey jammies? Is Goofy on there?
Belle: No Goofy on there. Not Donald Duck either.

It's crazy to me that Bellee uses "either". I've heard her say it a few times in the last few days too, and she always uses it correctly! One of Belle's favorite adverbs is "very" (especially when something is "very hot"... because she loves to tell me that it's very hot then to show me that she can blow on it to cool it down). Before I know it, I'm going to be running to the computer all of the time to post the silly conversations that we have! I can't wait!

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Christina said...

I'm on the phone with the dumbest client known to man so I'm reading your blog at the same time. I seriously don't understand how some people function in life.

I can't wait to hear about all of your silly conversations :-)