Random Stuff

1. We got 13 Christmas cards in the mail today (and probably about that many more over the course of this week). This means 1 of 2 things... either we weren't on the card lists of all of those people and they just got our card and thought "Oh Crap... I better send them one" or everyone else is as late as I was this year with getting cards out!

2. I just got back from last minute shopping for our annual trip home to Alabama. Since alcohol is considerably cheaper in Florida than it is in Alabama, I was asked to bring home a bunch of bottles for the holidays (and beyond). So I went to BJs and ended up walking out with 2 big-ass boxes of diapers, 1 big-ass box of baby wipes, and 4 huge bottles of alcohol. What kind of a mom must I have looked like? At least I was able to leave the kids at home with Keith.

3. Today is one of those days that makes you say "THIS is why I live in Florida!" The weather is amazingly perfect! High of around 73 degrees and perfectly sunny so it's just warm enough in the sun to be able to feel the sun on your skin, yet just cool enough that you don't need anything more than a tshirt on (and your choice of bottoms too, of course)! I love it! Almost makes me wish that I wasn't driving north soon... almost.

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