Happy Anniversary Keith!

I'm a week late posting this, but I wanted to publicly wish Keith a Happy Anniversary! As I mentioned in an earlier post, this year marks our 4 year anniversary. Time sure has flown, and as the saying goes "Time flies when you're having fun!" It's amazing all that has happened in these first 4 years! We've taken so many wonderful trips, brought two amazing children into this world, made lots of changes to make the barn into our house (although, there are LOTS more changes to come that will make the changes so far seem like a drop in the bucket), survived a few hurricanes, made some exciting career moves, had some great parties, and I could go on and on! I feel like we've both grown and matured so much over these part 4 years too. Last night, I was watching Keith speak to a crowd of over 300 people, and I can't even express the pride that I felt. I love to watch him in his element like that, and I feel so proud to be the woman behind him!

I know this sounds cliche, but I really could not imagine my life without my Keith! He's a great father, who you can tell loves his children SO much! And although we have our occasional differences, I can always tell that he never stops loving me and that he is as passionate about "us" as he was the day that we married. I love that! I love our great little family! I love the special non-ordinary house that we've built together! I love how we've each become such a part of the other's family! And I love that we have MANY, MANY exciting years to look forward to together!

I love you, Keith! Happy 4 Year Anniversary!

P.S. I know the question is going to come up so... for our 4th year anniversary I ended up getting up early to make Keith a berry smoothie (he loves smoothies) made with fresh fruit and ice cream (that fulfilled the fruit part of the anniversary, and I actually used our blender which barely ever gets used so it was like I gave him that new appliance... it's a stretch, but go with it!). Additionally, I gave Keith my blessing to take a ski trip that he's been wanting to take since we've been married. We're trying to conserve money right now (due to the house addition) and since he'll be taking this trip with a friend, this trip means 5 more days that I'll have the kids all by myself, so yes, that trip is a gift from me. :) Keith did great too and bought me a fully-grown (though still in the pot) Valencia orange tree (fulfilling the fruit criteria) and a beautiful pinkish-purple Christmas orchid (fulfilling the flower criteria).

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Kelly Albert said...

Happy Anniversary Keith and Keri! Love you guys! You are WONDERFUL people. Always take care of eachother and never go to sleep mad!