21 month old Belle-isms

So I don't forget, here are a few of the ultra-cute/funny things that Belle has been doing lately:

Saying "honey!" in Keith's southern accent. For quite a while, whenever Annabelle is whining, hurt, acting sleepy, or needs some coaxing, Keith says "Honey" to her to try to convince her to be good or that everything is okay. Recently Annabelle has started saying this herself anytime she starts to feel blue. She'll whine and then just say "Honey" in the exact southern drawl that Keith uses when he says it. She does this quite a lot now, and it's really funny and hard not to laugh when she does it!

Saying "Hmmmmmm..." when thinking about something. I didn't realize that I do this, but apparently whenever presented with a choice I say "Hmmmmm..." while contemplating my selection. Annabelle has started doing this too. She'll do this at times like when we're reading her "I Spy" book and I ask her where something is. She'll say "Hmmmmmm...." in a thinking tone while searching for the item. She'll also do this when I present her with a choice like "Do you want corn or green beans?" I love it!

Pretending to be an animal. Annabelle has started imitating animals and will pretend to be a kitty cat by crawling around on the floor and meowing. The animal that she imitates most often though is a lion. Out of nowhere she'll start roaring and when I ask her if she's a lion she'll say "Yes!" If she's somewhere that she can crawl around, she'll start crawling on the floor roaring sometimes too. This always makes me smile. :)


Angelle said...

I love the "honey" one! She will probably start saying it to Corgan soon.

Kyle and Chelsi said...

The honey one is so, so cute! - Chelsi