We Did It!

We survived the visit to the doctor's office today! It really wasn't too bad. Annabelle was a bit nervous about going into the exam room when we got there, but she reluctantly followed me (because the alternative was to stay in the waiting room without Mommy). Annabelle did shed a few tears and tried to hide her face a couple of times, but did pretty well overall. It was nothing like the outburst the last time that she was there... of course, she wasn't the one being poked and prodded. :) One thing that really helped is that the nurse promised her stickers. I love that she's bribeable (is that a word?) with stickers now! :) When we went out to the scale to weigh Corgan, the nurse gave Belle TWO stickers which made her so happy. But what made me happy is that Annabelle voluntarily shared one of her two stickers with Corgan. Then once the appointment was over, the nurse brought Annabelle one more sticker and Annabelle "shared" her original sticker with me so that all 3 of us would each have one. It was very sweet. :)

So, while it wasn't the easiest thing to handle Corgan who was uncomfortable with the poking, prodding, and being naked and hungry while still keeping Annabelle occupied and happy, it wasn't the hardest thing in the world. We have one more appointment for Corgan in December before Annabelle will have her next appointment (for her 2 year), so I think having these non-Annabelle visits will help. Yea!

Corgan's visit was good. Everything is going well... healthy... growing... developing well... all that good stuff. He's up to 12 lbs 4 oz and 23.5 inches now... both are 75th percentile so he's a little big for his age too. We'll see if that keeps up like his sister did.


Grammy K said...

I mentioned taking Belle along to Corgan's first visit so that she wouldn't be the 'object of attention' and that might help her. I know it was easier leaving her home with Grammy so you and daddy could concentrate on Corgan.. but I am happy to hear when you were alone with them.. that my feelings worked out for you all!!! I'm so very glad! I love you and know that you are doing an awesome job with those beautiful babes!

Christina said...

I'm glad it was such a success. Hopefully Annabelle will be just as good at her next appt.