Almost there?

Just a little while ago Annabelle came running to me saying "Poo poo!" over and over again. When I got up she ran to the potty where I checked her diaper and she didn't have any poo poo in it so I took it off and let her sit on the potty. We sat there for a few minutes while I read her potty books, but when a while had passed and there was still no poo poo, I wrote it off as a false alarm and made her put her diaper back on. Then about 10 minutes after putting the diaper back on, she came running to me saying "Poo poo" and grabbing her diaper, so I checked it and she had actually pooped in it.

Sucks that we missed the opportunity for her to stay on the toilet (it's hard to be a patient mommy while she sits on the potty as Corgan screams in the other room), but at least I know that she's realizing that she needs to tell me before she needs to go rather than after she has already gone in her diaper! Maybe we'll have some potty news soon! :D

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like she's close! Good job Annabelle!